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Loydall Company Secretaries has been in business since April 2000 and has consistently been delivering efficient personalized high quality company secretarial services.

We offer a full company secretarial service including company secretarial "clean ups" and company secretarial audits for the auditing profession. We are flexible and adapt our services to your unique company secretarial needs. We specialise in groups, but also assist the individual going into business for the first time. The business is operated by Charmaine Loydall who has over 30 years experience in company secretarial practice.

With over 30 years experience ...

Charmaine would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the benefits you and your company may gain from outsourcing your company secretarial function.

With the appropriate background and skills and many years practical experience, Charmaine is available on an outsourced basis to companies and other organisations. She is able to offer a full range of company secretarial services from routine maintenance through to once-off transactions.


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